Value of Collective Strength

Internal brand values 

- Goal: OKIA is a powerful corporation. We do believe that collective strength is the gold key to our success and collective will shall decide such success.

- Knowledge: Knowledge is strength. We always encourage our staffs to unceasingly learn and set forth numerous initiatives.

- Innovation: We continuously innovate our products to be supplied to market; nurture various new ideas for ready competing with other brands of healthcare.

- Action: We believe in power of positive actions. Our optimistic spirit of "nothing is impossible" shall help us overcome any challenges.

External brand value

- Optimization: We always implement the thought of "perfect service" which express our relation and product knowledge in order to satisfy all demands of customers.

- Thoughtfulness: We are ready to receive all requirements and feedbacks from customers. We shall develop high rate on customers' faithfulness by supplying more what customers need.

- Integrity: We assure to supply the best quality service and product reliability to customers.


- Improvement: We always create advanced products of healthcare in which OKIA shall further energize the healthy life, bring experiences of enjoying the life for and effects on customers.