Outstanding advantages of OKIA eMonarch

In order to get belief and preference of consumers in the market of numerous massage chairs, OKIA eMonarch must have outstanding advantages, providing the most satisfaction to users. Let’s list which are advantages of OKIA eMonarch advantages with the following analysis and assessment.

OKIA eMonarch body massage chair converge advantages satisfying the most demanding requirements of consumers from origin and brand to product quality and efficiency.

Produced with famous OKIA brand of Malaysia, OKIA eMonarch body massage chair is the spirit child and massage chair model brought to consumers with all the most wonderful advantages; the health care effect is always in the top of health care equipments.

The whole chair is made of  high-class durable and environmentally friendly which is used in the luxurious automotive industry in Japan and Europe; the whole body is white, combined with sharp design creating elegance and class for eMonarch.

Body massage is applied with air bags and 3D massage technology. It uses regime of kneading and loosing from head to toe with flexible rollers and promptly creates high effects in blood circulation. Footrest and armrest help to embrace your body in very comfortable mattress. This is why all your body shall be loosen with this functional massage chair.

The product is supported with shoulder massage program with airbags

The product is supported special shoulder massage programs to gently squeeze the airbag from the collarbone to relieve stiffness and to improve posture effectively, helping to promote the work smoothly, reduce stress, dispel stress and fatigue. The most advanced optical sensor technology of body vibration is applicable in this design, you will feel extremely comfortable when being massaged all over the body’s acupuncture points.

In addition, Zero Gravity technology creates the most comfortable massage postures for the body, where you will be less subjected to pressure and the earth’s gravity; in combination with the massage rollers, the massage is most effective in relaxing massage.

OKIA eMonarch body massage chair has function of heating seat, helping fingers, palms, toes buttocks, thighs be heated, supporting the blood circulation to the brain and making your body endurable and your spirit excited. The massage program combines massage with rollers and airbags, helping bones and joints be not aged but always flexible and improving the quality of users’ life.

You can adjust the massage intensity at your discretion by adjusting airbags to contribute to improving efficiency for body massage, bringing comfortable and relaxed feelings while using OKIA eMonarch massage chair.

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