Significance of water for the body:

Occupying 83%  of blood component

Occupying 75%  of brain component

Occupying 75%  of muscle component

Occupying 22%  of bone component

Adjusting the body temperature

Helping to eliminate waste

Lubricating joints

Transporting nutrients and oxygen to all cells

Transforming foods into energy

Protecting important organs

Helping the body absorb nutrients

NEOS energy water filter machine create Pi energy water, the breakthrough of the water filter technology at present.

         Together with advanced water filter technology, NEOS is also designed with tidy, modern and easy-for-erection shape without electric outlet.

O-NMR experiment shows size of water  molecules through NEOS water system better than RO purified water and normal water.       

          When we take photo of water Pi energy water with Kirlian Camera, it is evident that the water generates powerful aura energy.

- Step 1: Magnectic Unit.

            Powerful Nd magnetic device reduces the size of water cluster. Small-clustered water is known to be very effective for smooth metabolism of human body and prevention of many diseases.

- Step 2: Sediment Filter

           It removes impurities such as dust, dregs and other particulate matters in water.

- Step 3: Carbon Block Filter

           It removes unpleasant odor, bad taste, chlorine, organic carcinogens like THMs, and harmful substances in water.

- Step 4: Vital Energy Filter I

         It enhances anti – oxidative power of water , which removes free radicals like active oxygen known as the main cause of various diseases and aging process. It is also known to be effective in protection of human immunity system and cellular system.

- Step 5: Ultra Filtration Filter

            It removes minute impurities, particulate matters, parasites and waterborne pathogens like E.coli bacteria through its ultra small pore size of 0.01 µm

- Step 6: ACF Filter

       It removes odors, bad taste, chlorine, pigments, agricultural chemicals, detergents, carcinogens like THMs and heavy metals like Mn, As, Pb, Hg from water

- Step 7: Vital Energy Filter II

           It increases healthy mineral ingredients in water and also provides vital energy into water

- Step 8: Anti Bacteria Unit

         It has excellent function to prevent secondary contamination of purified water by bacteria such as E.coli. It has additional functions to improve taste of water, enrich the minerals essential for human body, and maintain purified water fresh .

NEOS energy water filter machine can purify water that works on anti-aging

You can prepare tea even with cold water from this filter machine while it is impossible with water from typical filter machine.

NEOS filter machine produce Pi water with capability of compensating minerals and relieve thirst promptly.

Pi water from NEOS filter machine helps to increase pH for preventing acid residual in the body.

Pi is also a kind of water dissolvable in cooking oil, helping the body get rid of toxin effectively.

Feel the “Miraculous Effects” of the Newest Water Technology to improve Your Healthy Life. Daily drinking of Vital Pi Energy Water System will lead you to the fresh and miraculous experience by activating the natural healing power within your body, maintaining immunity system and recovering its normal functions.




-Name: Neos Energy water system

-NW: 6.3 Kg

-Capacity: 2.8 L

-Pressure: 2~120 psi