eVis portable massager is designed uniquely in shape and structure with 10 massage heads helping user easily select.

eVis helps to defeat all pains and fatigues on neck, shoulders, back, abdominal massage, hands and arms, legs and feet, etc.

eVis can be used for various people: male, female, young and old people when they are coping with backache,  stress, hard work or tiredness.

The massage heads which are designed appropriately for each region helps eVis lead in massage function as compared with other massagers in the market, with each massage region, you shall feel as the same hands of massage staffs in use.

The device is made of high-class plastic, inspected and passed with ROHS standard in terms of environmental protection and non-toxicity.

Quality is satisfactory in terms of safety.

With small and tidy shape, eVis can be easily brought to wherever you like : office, on business trip, vacation.

eVis portable massager brings about relaxation and refreshment after stressed and tired working hours.







-  Name: OKIA eVis.

- Model: KWH 902
- Voltage: 220 – 240 V
- Power: 25 W
- Duration: 20 minutes