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Sophisticated, characteristic style 

You will feel immediately the typical style of eSupremo from color to design that exposes the individual sophisticated and characteristic style of eSupremo

With wide chair, eSupremo provides a relaxed and comfortable massage space to users.

You are not bended and curved in lying to enjoy the massage process with eSupremo

Long spreading massage area with “L”-shaped massage roller helps massage roller run along from the backbone to the buttock of the body and bring optimum efficiency in massage.

Massage with airbags from shoulder to foot will massage the entire body in order to assist blood circulation, remove stress and tiredness.

Massage roller changes flexibly; the capability to expand the massage area of roller system helps eSupremo provide users with diversified exercises to choose: automatic mode/select to massage on separate area, etc.

Pulling, stroking massage

Pulling, stroking function helps to stretch and relax the back vertebra. It is the prominent massage method to remove all tiredness deep inside your body.

“Zero Gravity”

This is the most comfortable posture for human because it is formed when we let loose all muscles and when we are hardly affected by external environment. Create the most comfortable feeling in massage.

eSupremo massage chair is the meaningful healthcare gift for parents and relatives.


-Name: Massage chair eSupremo
-Model: KWH 899       
-Voltage:   220V
-Power:     230 W
-Duration: 15 minutes