With eSlim+ fat burning massage belt, fat burning has never been so easy like that.

You do not need to go on a diet, drink drug, change regimen or exercise hardly. 

       You only need to wear eSlim+ on fat burning area, turn on it and feel to have an ideal and slim body.

Simple, modern and tidy design which still assures the function of fat burning massage is the prominence of eSlim+.

With long belt, you can use eSlim+ to massage for burning fat on many different areas on your body: Stomach, calf, shoulder, back, arms, etc.

eSlim operates strongly, massages to burn fat based on 360-degree vibration to remove residual fat and bring a firm and slim body.

You want a nice waist?

Or slim legs?

You only need to wear eSlim+ and turn it on, too easy and comfortable

With modern and tidy design from the cover to the product as well as fat burning technology, you can realize the investment of OKIA in researching and manufacturing to launch eSlim+ in the market. 

It is easy to have:

"A slim body,

An ideal stature"







- Name: Slimming belt massager eSlim+

- Model: KWH 889
- Voltage: DC 12V
- Power: 20W
- Duration: 10 minutes