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eShiatsu foot massager combines the experience of Japanese Shiatsu massage and airbag kneading massage and intelligent roller to massage foot and calf perfectly.

Massage roller, point acupressure

Rollers will uphold the biggest strength of massaging sole of foot like fingers of shiatsu massage experts.

Airbag massage technology

Airbags are arranged along calf and foot to knead, compress and press to relax and circulate blood.

Heat massage

Heat the entire calf and foot, strengthen blood circulation.

Adjust angle of the product easily to have the most comfortable massaging posture

Foot massage not only brings you a mental and physical comfortableness but also is a good therapy.

Long time ago, the traditional medicine of China knew and handled down the therapy of foot massage, acupressure and heating.

Foot massage and acupressure directly stimulate acupuncture points on your body to bring you a physically and mentally relaxed feeling, relieve paint and prevent contraction. It can cure many symptoms such as headache, nervous breakdown, depression, anxiousness, worry, etc. and relieve pain.


-Name : Foot and Leg Massager eShiatsu
-Model: KWH 936
-Name:  OKIA eShiatsu
-Voltage: 220V
-Power: 60 W
-Duration: 15 minutes