You sit too much in office?

      Do you know that 85% of office staff catch tired neck and shoulder pain?

     Protect your health immediately before it’s too late.

eRest high-class neck relaxing cushion is like your arms lifting and keeping your neck and scruff firmly so that you will no longer have feeling of tired neck, scruff and it helps protect your vertebra.

With soft and light materials, eRest will relieve the neck, shoulders and scruff to reduce pressure, adjust posture in order to reduce symptoms of tiredness and pain.

eRest has C-shaped design which is suitable for Shoulders & Neck.

eRest is really suitable for those people regularly sitting before computer, travelling, driving, watching TV. It helps to reducde hurting in neck & shoulders effectively.

The core contains small holes from Polyurethane materials which is bonded to each other to circulate blood and bring a comfortable spirit.

eRest has U-shaped design which is suitable for Shoulders & Neck.

High-class soft velvet cloth

Cotton fiber core is airy and does not create stuffy feeling.

Zipper on the cover will help to wash cleanly and easily.

  eRest is especially suitable for and upholds best utilities and efficiency for people who:

Travel regularly: tourism, airplane, etc.

Watch TV

Work in office







-Name : eRest Relax Pillow
-Model: KWH 932