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eOppa massager is suitable for various body parts like shoulder, back, nape, neck, hip, leg, etc.

Designed with two knobs and combined with heat, it brings high efficiency to users.

Heat mode helps to relax veins and to stimulate blood circulation.

eOppa with punching and slapping motion helps you relax your body, reduce anxiety, fatigue and pressure. Two knobs like human hands implement punch and slap, stimulate directly nervous system on nape shoulder, improve blood circulation to enrich energy, to reduce hard muscle and to soothe pain.

The product in arc shape embracing shoulder and nape helps to punch and slap powerfully on important focal points, to defeat the feeling of stiff muscles in neck and shoulder area; to give you a real sense of relaxation.

It is a utility product that can use on the entire body like a zoomed-in massage chair.

eOppa like hands flexibly moves on each movement on shoulder, nape, back or leg. Heat mode helps to warm belly.

With exercises of rapid, slow, either side punch, it helps to relieve rapidly fatigue of users, provide the most comfortable and relaxing feeling.

Product's structure:

The outer side is made of high-class, soft and skill-friendly velvet

The inside mesh fabric is breathable, helping to eliminate odor and bacterium.

eOppa embracing your nape helps to provide you with comfortable feeling while massaging

      4 automatic massage exercises

      4 growing power level suitable with all users

      Smart and comfortable design for taking away

The product is suitable with

      Clerks, housewives, laborers  …

      Not restricted in gender or age of users:

      Man, woman, the old, the young, youth, etc. can use the product

      It is suitable and comfortable for all families.




- Name: eOppa

- Model: KWH 938

- Voltage : 220 – 240 V

- Power: 108 W

- Duration: 10 minutes