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Massage 3D

eMove is designed with 2 rollers and 4 massage rotating heads to massage the neck, scruff more broadly and deeply so that users can feel like being massaged by human hands.

Back: 4 mechanical rollers and 8 massage heads combining with point pressing will massage and reduce the force pressing on disk, ligament and spinal cord to relieve backache, remove stress on your back and bring the relaxed and comfortable feeling

Buttock buffer:  Integrated with smooth moving engine to create a comfortable feeling and limit numbness due to sitting too much.


You can use eMove Pro on sofa or at your office, at home, etc.

eMove Pro can also be placed on cars to help users remove all tiredness and relieve stress.

Infrared massage

The use of infrared lights will heat the entire massaged area to increase blood circulation

eMove Pro massage buffer is suitable for many different users:

Office staff, driver, student, housewife, etc.

Setting massage time for 15 minutes will help users not massage too long with the product. This is the best duration for one time of massage.

Manufactured from ABS plastics which is friendly to the environment and human.


-Name: eMove Pro

-Model: KWH 922
-Voltage: DC 12V
-Power: 48 W
-Period: 15 minutes