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eJazz vibrator is designed in accordance with structure of human body, combined with balancing technology to fix your feet.

eJazz is a passive fat burning equipment; users do not need exercise, just stand on it and turn on the machine, eJazz will impact on all parts, muscles to bring an optimum fat burning efficiency.

Broad exercising area brings many choices to users.

10 minutes with walking area to burn 45-50 calories

10 minutes with jogging area to burn 65-95 calories

10 minutes with running area to burn 105-135 calories

Pulling string has effects on arms, shoulders and back.

Thanks to vibration with high frequency and balance of pulling string, it will remove residual fat quickly and bring you a firm and healthy body.

eJazz easily helps users exercise each area, each part separately to achieve the best and fastest results.


You need prop your hands on eJazz, turn it on to feel its vibration on your arms to bring you slim and firm hands.

Buttock and legs

With strong intensity of vibration, this exercise burn fat on legs and thighs to bring you slim and strong legs.

eJazz with Dance

No boring in exercise, you can combine eJazz with Dance. The combination of sport exercise and spiritual relaxation removes stress. 

You can combine eJazz with Yoga exercises to bring a comfortable and efficient experience and exercising style.

Video for instructing exercises of eJazz body vibrator. You can follow exercises in the video for optimum efficiency in suing the products.








-Name: OKIA eJazz
-Model: KWH 930
-Voltage: 220V – 240V
-Power: 95W
-Weight: 115Kg
-Duration: 5-30 minutes