Feet is regarded as the second heart of body, they play a very important role in human body.

Feet have about 7,000 nerves and over 2,000 endocrine glands combined with many arteries, veins etc. and contain many important acupuncture points directly connected with organs in the body etc.

Through feet, your health will be reflected honestly and specifically.

Feet get tired easily with many reasons but sometimes we don’t pay attention:

Standing much as per work requirements.

Wearing high-heel shoes

Heavy body

Shopping much

Playing sport: football, walking etc.

eFoot Pro foot massage machine is the research combining traditional massage method of China, Japan and Thailand with modern machine technology which makes eFoot Pro friendly and personalized. Upon using eFoot Pro, you will have a feeling that you have a foot massage specialist at home.

Massage by rollers from beginning of toes to heel of foot, the massage rollers can only massage a fixed position.

eFoot Pro brings big difference with massage roller system, which can move easily from beginning of toes to heel of foot.

 Since then, massage the sole of the foot comprehensively; excite all reaction points of feet.

Shiatsu massage:

Harmonious combination between technology and technique helps eFoot Pro have functions of acupressure massage as Thai massage specialists.

eFoot Pro presses the heel of foot, beginning of toes strongly, simultaneously massage instep. Upon using, keep the foot fixed; press the heel of the foot deeply for long time. Such massage will have good impact on nerves and enhance quality for the sleep.

Thermal therapy:

eFoot Pro is designed with infrared lamps in head of rollers, which helps eFoot Pro have many massage modes and therapies. 

Area of rollers on the whole palm of the foot and infrared lamps with adjustable temperature relax veins and blood vessels, simultaneously stimulate circulation and relax fatigued muscles.

Massage with rollers combined with air bag:

Rollers system under the palm of the foot and air bags distributed to the whole foot make you massage more areas instead of one point to remove stress and dispel fatigue and enhance blood circulation to support and stimulate the process of eliminating toxin out of the human body.

Three adjustable levels of air pressure make different modes change strongly or weakly in accordance with each time of massage.