Modern, solid design is feeling of customers in experiencing and using eComfort massage cushion.

Your shoulders and scruff are usually hurt and tired? Backache and pain? Or numb arms and legs?

You only need to place eComfort massage cushion on the hurt and tired parts, turn on it and it will relieve all tiredness, stress and bring a comfortable and relaxed feeling to your body.

You are stressful and tired in driving?

You sit in office too much?

You are tired in housework?

You are working hardly? etc.

eComfort fully suits you to help you remove stress and tiredness.

With only 15 minutes each time, you will be relaxed, comfortable and balance your body state.

eComfort combining roller massage and infrared light has effects like heat massage to improve and quickly relieve pain and tiredness and bring a relaxed feeling to users.

You are tired in sitting on cars?

eComfort will help you massage right on your car without any electrical grid.

Simple and tidy design makes eComfort move easily and accompany users everywhere: Office, house, tourism, business trip, etc.

Massage for relaxing, removing tiredness and stress, balancing your body daily with eComfort 






- Name: Massage cushion eComfort
- Model: KWH 908
- Voltage: DC 12V
- Power: 24W
- Duration: 10 minutes