Okia eBroom - tips for cleaning house for woman:

It is the first product using mobile battery, not bulky but tidy and convenient for use or storage.

Dust is not a worry with eBroom.

Seeing children playing on the floor is happiness of parents. However

office works, house works, etc. make you tired and difficult. Let's try to clean

the house effectively with Okia eBroom: saving time, saving cost but

creating comfortable space.

You may not believe that there is a modern product replacing absolutely bulky and  rough cleaning devices which occupy large space but waste time. Okia launches the tidy and functional e.Broom for woman. Now cleaning your house is small issue.

The battery technology is convenient and tidy. The 360o brush with soft bristles washes out 100% dirt on floor. Triangle-shaped design helps to easily move its head to clean any corner without complex replacement.

Smart selection of user:

  User-friendly handle facilitate easy holding; 360o rotating head is convenient in rotating to any directions in use, including three connections that help to elevate the brush for cleaning purpose.

  The on/off button on the body can be easily operated without hands

  With only one operation, dirty wastes are put into the trash without any obstacle or wasting time.

Okia eBroom is effective in cleaning all types of floors: carpets, wooden or stone floor, etc. or dusty places such as stairs, beeos house, cabinet underneath space, etc. Just turn it on and take the brush to place you want to clean, you can see prompt cleaning effect.



- Model: KWH 935

- Battery :  1200 mAh

- Duration: 40 minutes