Effects of bicycle riding
Increase strength of muscles
Comprehensive exercise for strong and healthy bones
Strengthen health and prevent some diseases of bones and joints

Simple design, firmness and multifunction are prominent features of eBike pro. 

Make eBike Pro suitable to many different spaces of exercise: Living room, exercise room, bedroom, etc.

The plastic frame is made of high quality plastics used in Japanese market with high mechanical durability and being environment-friendly.

          Controlling handle to increase and decrease the exercise: exercise on plain, climbing a slope, crossing a mountain pass, etc. to help users exercise easily. 

eBike Pro moves easily with the mobile wheels below.

Monitor displays all information of users: Speed, burnt calories, time of exercise, etc.

Handles are designed favorably with function of measuring pulse for users, helping users actively exercise in a manner suitable to their body.

With eBike Pro sport bicycle, you no longer waste time, worry about the weather but exercise daily right at your home. 

eBike Pro helps you active in exercising, saving time and costs but still have a slim body.

Too easy to possess a healthy body, a slimming body with eBike Pro


Name: eBike Pro

Model: KWH 931

Weight: 110kg