Dòng 5 neosystem

- Step 5: Ultra Filtration Filter

            It removes minute impurities, particulate matters, parasites and waterborne pathogens like E.coli bacteria through its ultra small pore size of 0.01 µm

- Step 6: ACF Filter

       It removes odors, bad taste, chlorine, pigments, agricultural chemicals, detergents, carcinogens like THMs and heavy metals like Mn, As, Pb, Hg from water

- Step 7: Vital Energy Filter II

           It increases healthy mineral ingredients in water and also provides vital energy into water

- Step 8: Anti Bacteria Unit

         It has excellent function to prevent secondary contamination of purified water by bacteria such as E.coli. It has additional functions to improve taste of water, enrich the minerals essential for human body, and maintain purified water fresh .