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eSLim Pro is the first fat burning massager in the market applying the mobile battery technology on the product.

This is the great progress in massager industry.

Use whenever, wherever

With mobile battery technology, you can use eSlim Pro whenever and wherever without worry about power supply.

With long and firm belt, users can massage to burn fat on many body areas: Stomach, buttock, shoulder, calf, biceps, etc.

Only tie the belt, wear the product on the area to be massaged for fat burning and press button. Very easy for fat burning

360-degree massage technology combined with infrared light

The product is the combination of vibration mode and rotating massage roller to create 360-degree massage technology and infrared light will deeply impact each area of skin, muscle and fat on the body so that the massage and fat burning will have highest efficiency.

eSlim Pro is the new breakthrough in fat burning massager technology.

Tidy design with strength of a professional massage belt is the plus (+) point of eSlim Pro. 

Daily exercise with eSlim Pro will bring an amazing fat burning efficiency.

You will feel that fat burning has never been simple like that.

To obtain a S-shaped waist is not too difficult, you only need to exercise diligently with eSlim Pro fat burning massager and you will have a satisfactory result.


-Name : Slimming Belt Massager eSlim Pro
-Model: KWH 934
-Voltage: DC 13.5 V
-Power:  25W
-Duration: 5-30 minutes