Advantages between treadmill and indoor bike

Treadmill and indoor bike are both exercise supporting equipments that are mostly used at present. However many people wonder in selecting one of these two products. Which  effects shall the equipment bring better in burning residual fat, improving the body fitness and enhance health? Measure exercise effects of these two equipments with OKIA to make an appropriate selection.

Exercise effects

OKIA eConquest X3 treadmill

Exercising with indoor bike and treadmill all helps to boost up blood circulation, enhance heart operation and metabolism as well as improve health of trainees in order to prevent dangerous diseases related to cardio and blood pressure diseases, etc.

However, exercising on treadmill requires powerful movements and more energy, thus it shall burn more calories than indoor bike. In fact, exercising with treadmill can burn more than 750 calories/hour, meanwhile it is only 550 calories/hour for indoor bike.

OKIA eBike Pro bike with saddle

Indoor bike is a suitable product for all trainees thanks to its high safety during drilling.

Drilling on treadmill gives more powerful impacts on knees and ankles, thus arthritis patients should limit to use this equipment.

With treadmill, safety shall be enhanced if you know to use the equipment because it is equipped with modern automatic modes such as pause and emergent stop buttons, however if you use it improperly you may be coped with unintended injuries.

Convenience and price

OKIA eBike Pro indoor bike

Treadmills are often in big size, which require larger area than indoor bike.

Indoor bike is only operated by riding of trainee. With treadmill you have to run at set up speed, otherwise you may fall out of the equipment. However both equipment are furnished with LCD gauge so that you can monitor data on distance, time, speed, heart rate and calories burned so as to assess the health status assessment and to select appropriate exercise intensity.

In addition, price of treadmill is more expensive than indoor bike.

Both equipments have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on demand and financial capability you can select products suitable for yourself and your family.

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